Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf

The ladder golf equipment

Have you heard of the new, fun backyard game called Ladder Golf? It's a great game that you can play in your own backyard, at a neighbor’s house, or even when you're tailgating at a sports event like a NASCAR race or college football game. Ladder Golf is also known by names such as hillbilly horseshoes, hillbilly golf and redneck golf.

Ladder Golf is played by throwing a bola (two golf balls attached with rope) at a ladder. The goal is to get the bola to wrap around one of the rungs (steps) of the ladder. Each rung is worth a certain amount of points. The winner is the first person to obtain a score of exactly 21 points. House rules (meaning rules set by the person or place where you are playing) can also apply. An example of a house rule is if both teams wrap the balls around the same rung then the points cancel out.

Ladder Golf Rules

There are "official" rules for Ladder Golf, but many people do implement "house rules" for the games they play. The official rules for Ladder Golf are broken down into the following categories:

Ladder Golf

Playing Ladder Golf

A Couple playing a game of Ladder Golf

To set up your game of Ladder Golf a line is drawn 5 paces from the ladder. This is known as the "toss line". Officially the toss line should be fifteen feet way from the ladder. The five pace rule is to accommodate all members of the family (including children and young teens).

Ladder Golf is played in rounds. Each player or team (if playing as teams) is given three bolas to toss for scoring. The bolas can be thrown in any manner, including bouncing them off the ground. To win, a player or a member of a team needs to score exactly 21 points. When a player goes over 21 points, the points for the round are taken away and the player goes back to the score he or she had before the round began.


Ladder Golf Scoring

In order to earn points while playing Ladder Golf a player needs to throw and successfully wrap their bolas around the rungs of the ladder. Points are earned as follows:

  • Top Rung – 3 points
  • Middle Rung – 2 points
  • Bottom Rung – 1 point
Folks scoring their round in ladder golf

A player can also try and knock the competitors' bolas off the ladder because when the round is over a player only gets points for the bolas that are still wrapped around the rungs of the ladder.

If there is a tie play will continue until one player or team has two points more than the other player or team.


Team Play in Ladder Golf

Teams playing ladder golf Team play is defined by having two teams of two players for a game of Ladder Golf. The teammates will alternate rounds of play.



Ladder Golf Etiquette

The only rule is that no touching is allowed when someone is throwing their bolas. Comments, snickering, snide remarks, and anything else that can be done to distract your competitor is encouraged.

My first introduction to Ladder Golf was at a NASCAR tailgate party. It's simple and fun and a game that everyone in your family can play.

Ladder Golf